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June 1, 2016

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Oil Outlook.  The Wall Street Journal reports that OPEC members have revived the idea of a production ceiling, with alleged support from the group’s biggest exporter, Saudi Arabia.   While recent discussions have focused on limiting individual countries’ output, the proposed ceiling would cap the output of the entire group. Markets have reacted positively to the news thus far, but analysts warn that cartel members remain deeply divided about limits and any decision must be unanimous.  WSJ

Nuclear.  Nuclear energy is again gaining support around the country — in spite of continued safety concerns — as state and federal officials look for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced that “maintaining the nuclear fleet is really important for meeting [the United States’] near-term and midterm goals,” and is convening officials to explore ways to improve the industry’s prospects moving forward.  NY Times

Oil.  Richard Blackden of the Financial Times writes that while oil’s recent rebound above $50 a barrel has buoyed markets and put many investors at ease, fundamental improvements to the demand and supply imbalance have yet to be corrected.  Blackden cites research from UBS which finds that the bulk of the price rebound is due to disruption of supply from Nigeria and Canada, with only 10 percent of this year’s advance due to rising demand.  FT

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