Keybridge Releases Interactive Five-Year Progress Report on the McDonald’s-Healthier Generation 2013 Commitments

In September 2013, McDonald’s began working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in a global effort to increase customers’ access to fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and water and to help families make informed choices. McDonald’s made five commitments related to menu offerings, menu boards, packaging, and advertising directed to children to be implemented in 20 major markets by 2020. This interactive report features results from the final round of verification across all participating markets, which demonstrate that the 20 markets exceeded the 2018 milestone goals and will meet the 2020 implementation goals ahead of schedule.

Link: Five-Year Progress Report on 2013 Commitments (Interactive)
Link: Five-Year Progress Report (PDF) | Markets at-a-Glance (PDF)
Link: Detailed Methodology