The Keybridge Momentum Monitors are unique leading indicators for macroeconomic growth, inflation, and sector growth. Our indices are designed to predict shifts in momentum in economic variables with a 3- to 6-month lead time. Each Momentum Monitor consists of three components – a monthly index, a breakdown of various sectors’ contributions to the monthly index, and a sector matrix that tracks the economic cycle. Sample Momentum Monitors are provided below.


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How to use the charts:

-In order to zoom in on a particular time period, click and drag on the chart area you wish to view.

-Click “Reset Zoom” to return to the full data series.

-Turn on/off data series by clicking on the legend labels.

-The toggle in the top right of each chart allows you to download the chart in various formats.

Momentum Index

Our momentum indices have a proven track record of signaling shifts in growth and inflation.

Contributions to the Index

Each Index is broken down into key sectors and their contributions to the monthly index shows where momentum is increasing or waning.

Sector Matrix

Each sector is also plotted in a matrix that shows where each sector is in the business cycle. For example, sectors in the upper right hand quadrant are strong and getting stronger, and sectors in the bottom left quadrant are weak and getting weaker.

List of Keybridge Momentum Monitors

  • U.S. Economy
  • U.S. Core Inflation
  • U.S. Headline Inflation
  • Mexico Economy
  • U.S. Sector-Level Momentum Monitors
    • Agriculture Machinery Investment
    • Construction Machinery Investment
    • Materials Handling Equipment Investment
    • All Other Industrial Equipment Investment
    • Medical Equipment Investment
    • Mining & Oilfield Machinery Investment
    • Aircraft Investment
    • Ships & Boats Investment
    • Railroad Investment
    • Trucks Investment
    • Computer Investment
  • Brazil Economy
  • Greece Economy
  • Ireland Economy
  • Italy Economy
  • Portugal Economy
  • Spain Economy
  • China Economy
  • China Inflation
  • Korea Economy
  • Korea Inflation
  • India Economy
  • India Inflation
  • Indonesia Economy
  • Indonesia Inflation


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