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April 21, 2021

U.S. News

Bloomberg reports that international momentum is building for President Biden’s proposal of a global minimum corporate tax, with support recently signaled by a key official from the Netherlands – long considered a destination for companies looking to minimize taxes. The U.S. and other members of the OECD are hoping for a deal by this July to reduce tax competition between countries, though uncertainties around the exact nature of such a deal remain. Bloomberg

The Wall Street Journal reports that the number of Hispanic homebuyers – a consistent source of strength in the housing market during recent years – grew to nearly 9 million in 2020, the biggest annual increase in two decades. While Hispanic individuals comprise slightly less than a fifth of the country’s population, they accounted for more than half of all homeownership growth in the decade leading up to the pandemic and may account for as much as 70% of homeownership growth over the next two decades. WSJ