U.S. Economic News

August 14, 2017

U.S. News

Josh Zumbrun of the Wall Street Journal writes that the recent weakness of the U.S. dollar may be the stimulus that the American economy needs to break out from persistently slow growth. The dollar, which has lost roughly 8% of its value since the beginning of the year, will likely provide a boost to exports and manufacturing output in the United States. WSJ

The Washington Post reports that the Trump administration will launch an investigation into Chinese intellectual property violations that could result in harsh trade penalties. While many U.S. businesses assert that Chinese companies steal intellectual property or employ unfair technology-sharing agreements, some believe this investigation could be a move to force China to take a tougher stance against North Korea. WaPo

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers argues that the next chairperson of the Federal Reserve will face a number of economic, financial, and political challenges. Summers states that in the event of a recession, still-low interest rates will leave little room for rate cuts, meaning monetary policy will offer limited stimulus. FT

Robert J. Samuelson of the Washington Post contends that despite continued innovation and technological development, U.S. economic growth has been subdued because older, more mature firms are struggling to increase profitability. Samuelson argues that as profits have become concentrated in an ever-smaller group of firms, investment has lagged and dynamism has fallen, holding back economic growth. WaPo