Keybridge is a boutique consulting firm that provides analysis and advice on issues at the intersection of economics and public policy. We provide our clients with a suite of analytical and advisory services, ranging from strategic planning and policy analysis to data analytics and independent evaluation.

Long-term, complex projects often require careful planning and coordination between multiple individuals and organizations. Keybridge employees have the experience and management skills required to effectively collaborate with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, making the best use of all parties’ time, experience, and influence to reach project goals.

In a world of abundant information, it is increasingly important to convey viewpoints in a clear, compelling, and accessible fashion. Keybridge develops data-driven insights and evidence-based policy positions that effectively communicate our clients’ point of view through customized research, analytical notes, and white papers.

Keybridge Momentum Monitors are unique, proprietary leading indicators of GDP growth, inflation, and sector growth. The indices are design to predict turning points for key economic indicators with a one- to two-quarter lead time. Momentum Monitors consist of a monthly or quarterly index and a breakdown of key variables contributing to the index’s movements.

Business leaders are often flooded with information about the economy, and it can be difficult to identify the most salient data that can improve business planning and decision making. Keybridge offers economic outlooks and forecasts designed to help clients identify key trends in the global economy, as well as industry outlooks and forecasts intended to translate economic data and policy analysis into meaningful insights for specific industries.

Environmental scanning is a systematic exploration of a program’s external environment, and relies on a formal framework to guide forward-looking research. Through a structured approach, Keybridge works with clients to identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential future trends – both opportunities and challenges – that are likely to impact their organization or specific area of interest. With a full account of relevant trends, an organization can anticipate future changes in its operating environment rather than react to unexpected shifts.

Keybridge works with organizations to identify and create a set of organization or programmatic performance metrics that best quantify progress towards achieving a specific mission, strategic plan, or annual goal. Keybridge then helps to implement these performance metrics with the buy-in of leadership and provides objective, unbiased tracking and reporting on achievement of these metrics.

Decision-making within any organization is facilitated by distilling complex information into clean, logical observations and relationships. Using tools such as PowerPoint, Tableau, and InDesign, Keybridge has extensive experience collaborating with both private- and public- sector clients to design, construct, and publish data dashboards and visualizations.

As the pace of change accelerates, organizations must adapt, respond, and innovate in order to remain relevant and effective. Keybridge helps its clients stay on the cutting edge of their field by serving as trusted strategic advisors. Our team of interdisciplinary experts work with clients to identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and map out solutions to complex problems. Using tools like environmental scanning, programming evaluation, SWOT analysis, and decision analytics, Keybridge helps clients make more informed and better decisions.

Public policy and macroeconomics are increasingly complicated issue areas in a fast-changing world. Keybridge’s ability to effectively communicate insights through conference presentations and closed-door briefings helps clients better prepare their organizations for the future.