North America

Keybridge’s coverage of the North American economy is the cornerstone of the firm’s global macroeconomic advisory service. Relying on Dr. Wescott’s unique expertise and the Keybridge team’s in-depth analysis, Keybridge offers clients a variety products and services at the industry-, sector-, and macro-level for the U.S. and Mexico.

U.S. Economic Momentum Monitor

South America

South America is emerging as a major global economic force with a large population and growing middle class. The region’s growth and trade policy, in particular, are increasingly important elements of global commerce. Keybridge has developed a unique leading economic indicator to monitor future trends in Brazil, the region’s largest economy.

Latin America Economic Momentum Monitor


The European economy is diverse and complex with a variety of wealthy and developing countries, industrial specialties, and growth patterns. Keybridge’s macroeconomic advisory service includes comprehensive coverage of the region’s core and periphery (Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain) countries.

Euro-Peripherals Economic Momentum Monitor


Asia’s size and rapid growth have positioned the region as a critical component of the global economy. To help improve clients’ business and investment decisions, Keybridge provides a variety of products and services to monitor economic growth, inflation, and financial risks in China, India, Japan, and Korea.

China Economic & Inflation Momentum Monitor


Countries in Oceania are geographically positioned to supply Asia with its abundance of natural resources. Keybridge tracks economic developments in this region to help clients better understand its interconnectedness with Asia and the rest of the world.

Indonesia Economic & Inflation Momentum Monitor