Core Values

Our company culture is based on five core values that underpin everything we do, from how we treat one another to how we engage with clients and conduct our work.


We are a tight-knit community of professionals who care deeply about our colleagues, support each other personally and professionally, and treat one another with kindness.


We are a team-first community comprised of people who work well with others, generously share skills and expertise, and genuinely enjoy problem-solving together and contributing to the firm’s success.


We are a learning organization that values intellectual curiosity and creates space for individuals to explore their professional interests, cultivate new expertise, and evolve into well-rounded professionals.


We are an inclusive community that respects individuals and values the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that each of us brings to our work.


We are a community of high performers who hold ourselves to the highest standards, push ourselves to do our best work, and take pride in delivering extraordinary client service.

Compensation and Benefits

Keybridge believes that employers have a responsibility to support the safety, health, and wellbeing of their employees. We also believe that physical, mental, and financial health is essential to helping each individual tap into their full potential and consistently perform at a high level. We take pride in applying the same rigor we use to take care of our clients when looking inward and taking care of our staff.

Accordingly, we provide all full-time employees with a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, including:

Cash Compensation

  • Annual base salary increases.
  • Annual cash bonuses.
  • 401(k) retirement plan with 4% employer matching and immediate vesting.

Health Care

  • 100% employer-paid health insurance for a platinum-rated plan.
  • Dental & vision coverage.
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance.

Hybrid Work

  • Option to work remotely on Fridays, plus 2-4 additional days of remote work flexibility per month.
  • Employee discretion on which days to work remotely vs. in-office.
  • Increased remote work flexibility during November and December.

Paid Time Off

  • ~30 days of paid time off per year (inc. personal leave and holidays).
  • Up to 12 weeks of fully-paid parental leave (maternity, partner, and adoption).
  • Full-paid leave for bereavement, voting, and jury duty.

Professional Development

  • Annual performance reviews with extensive constructive feedback.
  • Opportunities to learn from seasoned staff via “apprenticeship model” environment.
  • Access to internal professional development resources, including “Keybridge Classroom” and “Keybridge Exchange” platforms.
  • Access to external professional development opportunities, including working one-on-one with a professional development coach and reimbursement for external training programs.
  • Opportunities to learn about and contribute to the management of the firm through participation in Business Management Committees.

Professional Development

Keybridge offers a suite of career development opportunities to cultivate and promote a culture of learning and professional growth, starting on Day One. New hires are given a curated set of books and other assigned reading, along with a training curriculum to level up skills in data management and analysis, data visualization, and professional writing. During their first few weeks, new hires work their way through the training materials and exercises with support from tenured Keybridge staff, who serve as instructors, coaches, and mentors.

Once foundational skills have been established during the first year, staff have the option to pursue more advanced skill-based learning offered through external opportunities, such as conferences, online courses, and certification programs. Additionally, staff have access to our “Keybridge Classroom” program, which consists of a series of self-paced courses curated by Keybridge partners and senior staff. Keybridge Classroom courses cover topics that are directly applicable to our client-centric value proposition, including Survey Design, Communications and Storytelling, and Visual Design & Data Visualization.

Whether internal or external, employees select opportunities based on their professional development goals, which are self-developed with guidance from their supervisor and mentor. Keybridge supervisors check in regularly with their supervisees to ensure they have ample opportunity to pursue their professional development goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Keybridge believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are both moral imperatives and critical to building extraordinary teams that are capable of delivering world-class service to our clients. We are committed to building a culture of openness and respect in which different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences are sincerely valued, and in which staff are invited to actively learn from and challenge one another — asking questions, thinking critically, and growing together as humans and professionals. We pursue this commitment in all aspects of our work, including recruiting, hiring, firm and talent management, and community engagement.