Keybridge is committed to being a conscientious corporate citizen in our local community and society more broadly, both as a collection of individuals and as a company. We are proud of the growth we have achieved over the last two decades by providing high-quality service to our clients, and we recognize that with this success comes an increased opportunity and responsibility to be a good steward of our resources and create positive change. 

Our social impact efforts primarily consist of three channels: (1) community engagement, (2) pro-bono work, and (3) charitable giving.

Community Engagement

Keybridge has long believed that dedicating hours and resources to making a positive and direct impact in our city and communities is a worthwhile investment. To this end, Keybridge regularly pursues opportunities to serve the Washington DC community through company-sponsored volunteer events. We’ve organized our own clean-up efforts in Rock Creek Park, prepared meals for local organizations to distribute to our neighbors, mulched and weeded to support community gardens, and sorted donations at an area food bank. We also organize firm-wide initiatives during the holidays to help provide for local students and families in need, as well as support staff members in pursuing their individual volunteering interests by offering work schedule flexibility to accommodate volunteering commitments. 

Pro Bono Work

Non-profit organizations often have the most direct connection to underserved populations and communities. We seek to support organizations with missions that align with Keybridge’s core values by offering our consulting services pro bono. 

One example of our pro bono work is our partnership with Meals on Wheels (MoW). Since 2020, Keybridge has helped MoW leadership better understand their targeted populations through quantitative analysis and data visualization.

Charitable Giving

Keybridge maintains an active charitable giving program that provides financial support to a variety of worthy causes. This program offers staff the opportunity to both amplify their own annual giving and help shape the firm’s charitable contributions. Led by a committee of staff volunteers, we identify organizations that represent a variety of missions, benefit a diverse set of communities and populations, align with Keybridge’s mission and core values, and will serve as responsible stewards of firm and staff contributions.